Zellige Tile

Zellige Tile

Eso Surfaces Zellige Tile 


Eso Surfaces Zellige is handcrafted with non-refined natural clay. Each Zellige tile is unique, with color variation between each time. This variation is due to the ancient glazing process in which raw materials are in use. The process of firing Zellige tiles often causes crazing on the surface of the glazed tiles. 

Eso Surfaces offers these shapes above. Zellige Tiles can customized by shape, size and color. These tiles can be installed in as flooring or wall tile. Eso Surfaces Zellige Shapes:


Star - ST13                                              Circle - CI14

Fishscale - FS10                                             Cross - CR09

Hexagon - HX08                                           Star - ST13

Square - SQ02                                      Rectangle - RE05



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