Happy Earth Day from Eso Surfaces

Happy Earth Day from Eso Surfaces

Earth Day Spotlight

Terrazzo is the original green building material 

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind surface option that’s warmer than marble and more interesting than ceramic tiles, then look no further than Eso Surfaces Terrazzo. Terrazzo comes from 15th century Venice, Italy. Its been around for so long because of it’s unique impact of beauty and texture. Eso Surfaces Terrazzo is eco-friendly and here why…

Our Terrazzo is sustainable and environmentally-friendly! Eso Surfaces Terrazzo is made from a mixture of recycled glass and natural aggregates such as marble, granite and quartz, which provide it’s unique speckled look, and is held together by a concrete base. Finished that we offer include honed, polished, v-groove, straight groove and textured.

Eso Surfaces Terrazzo is extremely durable and is more resistant than other tile materials , so they are ideal to use as flooring in high traffic areas. Next time you walk into an airport or university most likely the floor your walking is Terrazzo.

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