Frank Lloyd Wright inspired 3D cement tiles and textile blocks unveiled

Frank Lloyd Wright inspired 3D cement tiles and textile blocks unveiled

STIRworld shares the history of iconic materials designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Eso Surfaces Frank Lloyd Wright inspired collection is out now—here is what they have to say:

In the early 1920s, Frank Lloyd Wright employed patterned moulds to create unique concrete blocks and tiles to create structurally innovative buildings and remarkably modern architecture. These incorporated forms and geometric patterns lent richness and character to an otherwise flat looking material, giving a distinct Wright touch to the influential landscape of American architecture.

 “Eso’s stunning interpretations of Wright’s work are executed to the highest quality standards so designers, architects, and homeowners can be inspired to bring this rich legacy into homes, offices, and landscapes,”  

-Stuart Graff, CEO, Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation.

You can now bring the iconic designs of America’s most influential architect into your home - The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation  has partnered with building materials company, Eso Surfaces, in southern California to create iconic textile blocks and 3D cement tiles from the Frank Lloyd Wright archive. The initial launch comprises a collection of five grey tiles and blocks that reproduce signature patterns and aesthetics of much beloved worldwide architectural landmarks such as the Charles Ennis House (1924 ), John Storer House (1923) and Millard House "La Miniatura" (1923) in California, United States. 

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